Update on progress on my book

Currently my copy editor (at New Society Publishers) and I are working on getting the wrinkles out of my punctuation and phrasing. We should be done by the end of June.

At een the same time, I’m working with marketing people at NSP, compiling lists of magazines, websites and organizations that are a good match with my book, and good places to put reviews or advertisements. I’m also looking for events at which I’d like to make presentations. Soon I will have postcards, flyers and bookmarks to distribute at Welcome! events too.

Meanwhile, I’m sending an Technische article every month to Growing for Market magazine. For June/July wholesale NBA jerseys I’ve written about trellising tomatoes. People who don’t want to wait till the book comes out to start reading my work can get a Miami Dolphins Jerseys sub to GfM. It’s a great magazine, full of the details small-scale growers need to be even more successful than they already are.

In the fall, my friend 明けましておめでとうございます。 and fellow Twin Oaker, Kathryn Simmons, will compile the index for the book, cheap nfl jerseys and we’ll all be poring over electronic proofs. The book will Earth get printed wholesale MLB jerseys in early winter and the publication date is February 1, 2013. I’m excited!