7/20/12 Progress update on my book

Two weeks ago my copy editor and I finished getting the wrinkles out of my punctuation and phrasing. We had to extend ten days beyond our original deadline, but now we’re done! Sigh of relief.

The next stage, now the copy-editing is done, will be for the typesetters and design people at New Society Publishers to lay out the pages and proofread. Then I get to read it all again, in the stage they call First Pages. I guess that will be August and September. Then Kathryn Simmons at Twin Oaks will make the index. She’s not only one of the members of the Twin Oaks Indexing crew, but also a very experienced vegetable grower herself. (Maybe you’ve never thought about how a book comes to have an index. It doesn’t happen by magic! Click on the link to learn more.)

I’m also continuing to work with marketing people at NSP, compiling lists of magazines, websites and organizations that are a good match with my book, and good places to put reviews or advertisements. I’m also looking for events at which I’d like to make presentations. I’m negotiating a couple of possible bookings right now. Soon I will have postcards, fliers and bookmarks to distribute at events too.

The book will get printed in early winter and the publication date is February 1, 2013. I’m excited!

Meanwhile, I’m sending an article every month to Growing for Market magazine. For August I’ve written about manual harvesting techniques. People who don’t want to wait till the book comes out to start reading my work can get a sub to GfM. It’s a great magazine, full of the details small-scale growers need to be even more successful than they already are.