Year Round Lettuce

I’ve now completed 12 monthly posts about suitable lettuce varieties and growing techniques. You can see these by clicking the Lettuce Varieties Category tab, but you can also get the overview here. They run from May to April because that’s how I wrote them. Click the name of the month to view the original post.

Sword Leaf Lettuce
Photo Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

May: Sword leaf lettuce

Star Fighter lettuce.
Photo Johnnys Selected Seeds









June: Starfighter: Lettuce Variety of the Month









Bed of young Green Forest lettuce.
Photo by Wren Vile

July: Green Forest – Lettuce variety for early July

Pablo Batavian lettuce
Photo Nina Gentle

August:Batavian lettuces for August

Freckles lettuce is a cheering sight in spring or fall.
Credit Kathryn Simmons

September: Lettuce in September,

Young lettuce plants in greenhouse beds in October. Photo by Bridget Aleshire

October: Lettuce growing in October

Starfighter and Red Salad Bowl lettuce in our hoophouse.
Photo Wren Vile

November: Lettuce in November

Rouge d’Hiver hardy romaine lettuce.
Photo Bridget Aleshire

December: Lettuce in December








Newly germinated lettuce seedlings.
Photo Kathryn Simmons

January: Lettuce varieties for January, new year, fresh start

Reliable Red Salad Bowl lettuce, one of our standbys.
Photo Bridget Aleshire

Extra: Lettuce Varieties for 2017

Baby lettuce mix in our hoophouse in winter.
Photo Twin Oaks Community

February: Lettuce in February

Bronze Arrow lettuce is a beautiful and tasty early spring variety.
Photo Bridget Aleshire

March: Lettuce for March and all year

April: Lettuce in April

Spring lettuce bed.
Photo Wren Vile

2 thoughts on “Year Round Lettuce”

  1. I’m trying to grow lettuce year round in zone 8. I’m harvesting Kalura in May -June and hope to harvest Jericho the rest of the summer. Fall and winter lettuce growth outside is easy. Arugula is easy to grow yer round down in Savannah.

  2. I really like Kalura and Jericho. Do try the Batavians too. Cherokee is my favorite – beautiful color!
    I remember being surprised to hear from a grower in Atlanta, Georgia that he grew arugula all summer in his hoophouse. Now I’m just back from Jamaica and learned that arugula does well for them too. And they have kale growing all year. I’m redeveloping my theories about brassicas bolting. Perhaps they really need a cold spell to initiate flowering. Given constant hot weather (and enough water!) more seems possible than I had realized.

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