Events List Updated 8/13/21

I have started to make in-person bookings again! I’m fully vaccinated and ready to talk with live people at a safe distance. For information about podcasts, videos and online workshops, scroll down after the live events list. (I am still doing some virtual events too)

Fredericksburg Food Co-op

Fredericksburg Food Co-op,

320 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg VA 22401. Phone: (540) 940-6615

Tuesday August 24, Time: 6-7 pm

Fall Vegetable Production

60 min Discussion and Q and A

This is a conversation, not a powerpoint, and will be held outdoors on the dining patio.

There will be handouts with lots of resources for more information.

My books will be available for sale and signing. Bring your old dog-eared copies, I’m very happy to sign those too!


Mother Earth News Fair

Mother Earth News Fair

Seven Springs Fair

Mother Earth News Fair at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania,

September 17-19, 2021. You can order your wrist bands already!


Friday: 12:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Seven Springs Mountain Resort
777 Waterwheel Dr.
Seven Springs, Pa. 15622

I am presenting two 60 minute workshops :

Saturday September 18, 5-6 pm, at the GRIT Stage

Cool Season Hoophouse Crops

How to fill your hoophouse with productive food crops in the cool seasons. Suitable crops; cold-hardiness; selecting crops; calculating how much to harvest, how much to plant; crop rotation; mapping; scheduling; seasonal transitions; succession planting and follow-on cropping.


Sunday September 19, 11.30 am-12.30 PM, at the Sustainable Agriculture Stage:

Growing Sweet Potatoes from Start to Finish

At this workshop you will learn how to grow your own sweet potato slips; plant them, grow healthy crops and harvest good yields, selecting suitable roots for growing next year’s slips. You will also learn how to cure and store roots for top quality and minimal losses. This workshop will be useful to beginners and experienced growers alike.

My books will be on sale in the Mother Earth Bookshop


In-person September 23-26 2021, Virtual October 22 and Oct 23, 2021.

American Community Gardening Association

Gardening in Challenging Times

(hybrid in-person/virtual conference)

Hampton, Virginia
This year, vaccinated community garden leaders (only) will gather in person in historic Hampton, Virginia.

Registration and check-in starts Thursday afternoon, September 23, with a special half-day pre-conference gardening ecology workshop.

The main conference runs from Friday, September 24 to Sunday, September 26

The conference includes workshops, tours, speakers, and even a gala evening gathering, but the main attraction is the unique opportunity to meet and swap ideas and stories with fellow community gardeners.

I am contributing a recorded 50 minute presentation followed by a Q and A, to the Virtual Conference on October 22 and 23.

Topic to be decided

Time to be decided



Now Switched to a fully virtual conference! (8/6/21 news) MORE info to follow. Now 60 min pre-recorded workshops from me.

November 13-15 2021 (Saturday-Monday)

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Sustainable Agriculture Conference

Durham Convention Center, Durham, North Carolina

75 min workshop Cold-Hardy Winter Vegetables

Why farm in winter? Here’s the information to succeed – tables of cold-hardiness, details of four ranges of cold-hardy crops (fall crops to harvest before serious cold, crops to keep growing into winter, crops for all-winter harvests, overwintering crops for spring harvests); scheduling; weather prediction and protection; hoophouse growing; vegetable storage.

75 min workshop Fall and Winter Hoophouses

How to grow varied and plentiful winter greens for cooking and salads; turnips, radishes and scallions. How to get continuous harvests and maximize use of this valuable space, including transplanting indoors from outdoors in the fall. The workshop includes tips to help minimize unhealthy levels of nitrates in cold weather with short days. Late winter uses can include growing bare-root transplants for planting outdoors in spring.

Booksigning Sunday evening 11/14


February 10-12, 2022 (Wednesday to Saturday 2.30pm)


Lancaster Marriott Hotel and Conference Center,

25 S Queen St, Lancaster, PA

Workshops will be decided by 10/1. I offered three 60-90 min workshops:

Growing Sweet Potatoes from Start to Finish,

Winter Vegetable Production Outdoors and in a Hoophouse,

Optimize Your Asian Greens Production



Perhaps direct book sales

The conference will also be virtual in January or early February.


Podcasts and Videos

Check out my page for Podcasts and Videos!


Virtual workshops

La Centre d’expertise et de transfert en agriculture biologique et de proximité

(Centre for expertise in local and organic agriculture)

CETAB+, a research center in Quebec, Canada

A virtual presentation  late November 2021

Hoophouse Cold Season Crops

75 minute slide presentation and 20 minutes Q and A.

This workshop will describe how to use hoophouses (high tunnels) in winter to provide protection for cold weather crops with only solar or minimal additional heating. We will consider suitable crops for various temperatures, and how to plan to make the space as productive as possible with a range of crops, carefully scheduled to keep plants in the ground at all times and provide a continuous supply of produce. We will consider the challenges of winter, and the need to keep the plants and soil healthy.

This presentation is mainly aimed at farmers that are already doing some winter growing and agronomists, although inexperienced farmers or students are also welcome.

I will speak in English, and the text on my slides will be in French. Units of measurement will be metric.

For the question part, the questions will be translated into English for me and the answers into French as needed.


The Organic Growers School Spring Conference has already happened. If you missed it, you can still get access, until September 2021, to the recorded content: CLICK HERE.

Roma tomato seeds strained in a sieve.
Photo Pam Dawling

The Seed Garden

I co-presented  with Ira Wallace. You can get access to the three-workshop Gardening Track for $30, or the whole conference recording for $120.

I have presented at several Mother Earth Fairs Online. 

Online: Food Independence Course Part Two

was released on 3/26/21.

Yukina Savoy
Photo Ethan Hirsh

It consists of eight video presentations, most of which come with pdf handouts. My contribution is Growing Asian Greens, and pairs nicely with Guide to Asian Vegetables by Wendy Kiang-Spray, author of The Chinese Kitchen Garden: Growing Techniques and Family Recipes from a Classic Cuisine. Other topics include Dandelion Wine, Homemade Teas, Food Conversations, Passive Solar Greenhouse Design, Productive Growing from Home, and Growing Your Own Spices.

Part One of the Food Independence Course includes seven videos, most with handouts, and there is a free preview of DIY Sourdough Basics with Jessica Moody. other topics include Your Edible Yard, the Chinese Greenhouse, Community Meat Buying Club and Mindful Meat Eating, Practical Yogurt and Emma’s Cool crops.

You can subscribe to the All-Access Bundle for $2.99/month (or $35 for a year).

  • Once you register for All-Access, you will receive access to all 47 current video workshops and prerecorded webinars plus anything new that is added.
  • All the workshop videos are pre-recorded and can be viewed whenever you like and however many times you like.
  • Because the videos can be viewed at your convenience, you can watch them on your own schedule!
  • At MOTHER EARTH NEWS, all of the content, including these workshops, are designed to empower you to become less dependent on systemic products or services. What does that mean? This is an opportunity learn how to save a lot of money on things such as groceries, expensive health products, energy, and more!
  • Unlike at the physical FAIRS, where workshops take place simultaneously, you don’t have to pick and choose which workshops to watch! Most folks can enjoy only 10 to 12 workshops maximum at a physical FAIR. Now you can see them all!
  • No additional travel expenses, such as hotel rooms, airfare, gas, pet care, dining out, etc.
  • All dogs are allowed!!!

I have also contributed an 8-part Garden Planning Course

Garden Planning Course

Before that, I did a workshop on

Winter Cover Crops for Gardeners

as part of the Winter Gardening Course.

Fall broccoli undersown with a mixed clover winter cover crop.
Photo Nina Gentle.

All these and many more videos and handouts are available as part of the All-Access Bundle