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Sustainable Farming Practices

Webinar for FHCASA Beginning Farmer Training Program. Not public, but a part of FHCASA’s program

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No-Till Growers You-Tube .  Jesse Frost <>

Hoophouse Tips

Josh Slattin on You-Tube, December 2019

Creative Ways to Maximize the Winter Greenhouse

Josh Slattin on You-Tube, November 2019

A Legendary Farmer that Lives on a Commune

February 2019

Year-Round Growing on Farm and Garden

Organic Growers School

The 26th Annual Organic Growers School Spring Conference welcomes experienced vegetable, herb, and seed growers Pam Dawling & Ira Wallace for a pre-conference workshop March 8, 2019, presenting a step-by-step approach to growing year-round. In this interview with marketing intern Noah Poulos, Pam & Ira discuss their backgrounds & careers as gardeners, involvement in intentional community, and specifics on gardening in the southeast.

Gardening in hoophouses

September 2018

While I was at the Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania, I did a FaceBook Live Interview about gardening in hoophouses, with another author, Deborah Niemann. Look on Facebook for Deborah Niemann-Boehle or click the topic link above. She has several books: Raising Goats Naturally, Homegrown & Handmade, and Ecothrifty.


Apr 6, 2016

New Country Organics

Succession Planting for Continuous Vegetable Harvests with Pam Dawling

July 2013

VSU Commercial Berry and Vegetable Field Day 2013

Planning Fall Vegetables

Pam Dawling writes for Growing for Market magazine. She has been growing vegetables at Twin Oaks Community in Central Virginia for over 20 years, where the gardens feed 100 people on 3.5 acres. Her book Sustainable Market Farming: Intensive Vegetable Production on a Few Acres, was published by New Society Publishers on February 1, 2013.


March 2013

Virginia Festival Of The Book

Locavore: Hunting and Eating Locally.


A Better Business: New Society Publishers

March 2020

I’m not in this one myself, which is about my book publishers. I found it very heart-warming, and I hope you will too.

Oliver Goshey, host of the Abundant Edge podcast  interviews leaders and change-makers in the worlds of permaculture, natural building, and regenerative living, and he created a video about New Society Publishers. “I feel like more people should know about the good things you are doing.” My own interview with Oliver Goshey is in the podcast section below.



Oliver Goshey, Abundant Edge, March 2020

How to produce fresh food year-round, even in cold climates! With Pam Dawling, author of “The Year-Round Hoop House”

No Till Growers
Jesse Frost of No-Till Growers

The No-Till Market Garden Podcast w/ Pam Dawling of Twin Oaks Community Farm

No-Till Growers You-Tube, Jesse Frost and Josh Slattin,  <> November 2019

The podcast is also available here:

Twin Oaks Community Farm

———————————————————————————–Yale Climate Connections,
May 9. 2019

At the Twin Oaks community in Virginia, residents share almost everything

A radio story with me about Twin Oaks Community is accessible here:
Cooking dinner at Twin Oaks Community

———————————————————Gardening In A Hoophouse With Guest Pam Dawling.

April 2019

Modern Homesteading Podcast  July 2019. Harold Thornbro


Succession Planting

In June 2017, at the Vermont Mother Earth News Fair in Burlington, VT, I took part in a podcast on Succession Planting.

It’s Episode 13 and here’s the link:

The Farmers Aren’t All Right

I  took part in an interview in March 2017 with Jordan Marr for a podcast with The Ruminant: Audio Candy for Farmers, Gardeners and Food Lovers. It’s about farmers’ struggles with mental health problems, trying to cope with the many and varied stresses, while the public wants farmers to appear competent and blissful with all that time in the Inspiring and Nurturing Outdoors.

“Farming is tough work. The unpredictability of the job and the pressure to present a curated, bucolic version of the work can easily lead to various kinds of mental health problems: despair, feeling overwhelmed or like a failure, or even depression. In this episode, co-produced with Jessica Gale of Sweet Gale Gardens, we discuss the prevalence of mental health problems among farmers, and how to address them.” Jordan Marr

As well as Jessica Gale, the episode includes discussion of Professor Andria Jones-Bitton’s work and interviews with Jean-Martin Fortier of The Market Gardener and Curtis Stone of The Urban Farmer.

Stitcher Episode 92 e.92: The Farmers Aren’t All Right 46 minutes · Mar 3, 2017

There’s a follow-up episode: Episode 95 e.95: The Farmers Aren’t All Right pt II 43 minutes · Mar 9, 2018


How to Feed 100 People Year ‘round from the Garden

In July 2013 I was interviewed by Patricia Stansbury (also known as Sunny Gardener) of Lightly on the Ground Radio, Here’s Sunny Gardener’s description of her program:

“Lightly on the Ground is how we travel when go consciously. It’s how we dance when we really dance. The wealth of information gathered while living this life becomes wisdom only if used and shared. Lightly on the Ground Radio is a way to use and share life’s wisdom by casting light into shadowed corners of our culture. The show emphasizes how our daily choices affect how we live and how others on this tiny planet live.  The advice to “live simply that others might simply live” informs life daily as long as some semblance of consciousness is maintained. This requires looking at local issues as part of a larger picture. Our daily choices in food, clothing, activities, transportation, childbearing, values, and association make up a fabric that can either be shabby and worn to bits or woven tightly and mended when needed.  Lightly on the Ground Radio imparts information through news reporting and story telling, conversations with those who know the subject; and commentary to bring personal perspectives on issues and events.”

Lightly on the Ground is a program on Richmond’s Independent Radio WRIR. 

I talked about How to Feed 100 People Year ‘round from the Garden, and about my book Sustainable Market Farming “which addresses the topic splendidly” as Sunny Gardener wrote.  You can listen to the podcast of my interview here 


Conference session recordings

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group 2020 need password, had to be there!
Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group 2019


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